I Am The American Legion: Leah Morales

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When Leah Morales observes the Junior Shooting Sports practices at her American Legion post in Bryan, Texas, she knows there’s more than just instruction happening. The weekly sessions instill confidence in, and help shape, tomorrow’s leaders.

“I want them to learn that they need to practice to get great at something, and to not just quit whenever they’re not doing as well as they want to be,” Morales says of the young shooters. 
“I also want them to experience being around veterans and know that we are here to serve the community.”

Created by Morales a few years ago, the shooting club is a big part of the post’s commitment to youth. “As veterans, it’s great that we teach safety and marksmanship, which are among the first things we learn when we join the military,” she says.

Morales – who works with veterans as a scholarships and financial aid adviser at Texas A&M – says she and her husband, Eddie, didn’t feel like their “true selves” until they joined the Legion and got involved.


“For my generation, we still have a desire to serve,” she says. “Once we get out we miss having a purpose. We miss having camaraderie. The Legion offers those things.”

Branch of Service  Army (2006-2010)

MOS  Medic

Rank  Sergeant

American Legion Post  Earl Graham Post 159, Bryan, Texas

Years in the American Legion 5

Veterans Activities 

  • Post historian (2016)
  • Department Membership, Organization and Post Activities Committee (2016)
  • Post Executive Committee (2014-2016)
  • Post Membership Committee (2015)